Play Station Portable a.ka PSP  is known by all for those who dont know it looks like this

I hope you can make out what PSP do with the looks of It  ...

My main aim of making this page is not to give you some tut's or download files but to provide you with links to already available sites and Forums which cater for PSP stuff in great Depth and when you are stuck some where you can ask us out ..

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What is a PSP ?

PSP, or PlayStation Portable, was developed in the U.S. in 2005 by the Sony Computer Entertainment Company. It soon became a highly desirable, portable and handheld wireless device for multiple entertainment purposes. A one-time fee to TiVo ToGo allows users to watch television and save the data to a memory device. The "Location Free" option allows TV to be watched anywhere in the world on the PSP device.

The PSP system allows users to view photos, listen to music, watch pre-recorded and live television, enjoy movies and backstage footage, access the Internet through a wireless connection, as well as the many free downloads available through the PlayStation website (wallpaper, movie trailers, screenshots, news & events).... Read the Source


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