This Simple Article will explain you basic steps how to Join Google's Adsense Program, till now you might have been knowning that google's Adsense Program is but if not you can click on the Adsense Menu Tab and get all the information you want.

Now lets get started.

  • First stop is to Sign Up for an Account, its very easy just click the image in the next line and follow the steps below for guidance.

  • Account Type is the first Form section to fill and its self explanatory simply choose individual or Business Account which ever suits you. Then Select your country.

    Am I a Business or Individual account?
    Generally, if you are a business with 20 or more employees, you should apply as a Business account. Individual publishers, or businesses with less than 20 employees, should sign up as an Individual account.There's no difference in the services or payment structure between Individual and Business accounts. Business account payments will be made payable to the Company Name, while Individual accounts are paid out to the Payee Name of the account holder.Should you ever need to select a new account type, our specialists will work with you to close your current account and to open a new account with your updated information.

  • Website Information sections asks you to Input the URL of your Website which you will Primarly use with Google's Adsense and it can be anyother website either. and then you select the language of your Website.

  • Product Selection section asks you to choose which type of Content you want to deliver onto your website, I think you should check both the radio checks, Adsense Content enables you to put Ads(text+image) and Adsense Search lets you have a search box powered by Google by which you earn when anyone searches from there and then then clicks on the searched link.

  • Conact Information section is very simple just fill everything accurately especially the Payee Name box and note Payee has to be greater then 18 years to participate in this program. All accurate information is equal to checks in your house

  • Login Information section also doesnt require any explanation either, its more simple then contact information section.

    And this will be all for the Registration Process.

After completing the Website you can carry on with FAQ of Google they have a very Comprehensive guide but the basics are this that you first enter you Income Tax statement without it you will not get any amount but for Pakistan its simple, Click on non USA and type in your Full Name, simple

After this you just need to paste in the Code which is Provided by Google  when you click in “Adsense by Google” while you are logged in the code should like something like this

From your Adsense page you can change any and everything, Roam about and Enjoy !  Happy Ad Clicking here