I will try to keep this article simple and to the point, but still keep this in mind that most of the common sections of Google Adsense are covered.

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What is Adsense?
Google Adsense is a contextual advertising program that places adverts on your webpages in a variety of formats, and when someone clicks on these adverts you get paid.
Sounds simple? Well, it is easy to sign up for google adsense and to add the code to your pages (that shouldn't take more than a few minutes).
The difficult part is to start making really great money from your google adsense adverts, as there are so many variables you need to know about.


Why use Google Adsense rather than other advertisers?
The google adsense program is called a contextual advertising program. What this means is that adsense tries to match the content of your site and web page with adverts that are relevant. So if your website is about stamp collecting, then (hopefully) most of your visitors to your website are interested in stamp collecting. When you add adsense to your pages, it will start displaying adverts that are related to stamp collecting – stamp dealers and other other stamp sites will start getting shown. And when someone clicks on one of these adverts you get paid... now thats Fun
As adsense reads the content of your pages (by sending what they call a spider to your pages), they try to serve adverts that are relevant to your pages). You could individually approach all the advertisers which are relevant to your pages, and try strike deals with them individually to place a banner or link on your site, either for a fixed monthly amount, a cpm rate (cost per thousand impressions) or a cpc rate (cost per click), but think how time consuming it will be to first find these advertisers and then to do deals with them – and then you have to keep moving banners and links around as advertisers come and go…and you'll have to ensure that all payments are being received – sounds like it could be a nightmare – with google adsense, you add the code to your website and wait for the cheque once a month.
There are other contextual advertising networks options. One which is talked about is Adbrite, and the one which is currently causing the most buzz is the Yahoo publishing network.
So why not use these instead of Adsense? There are a number of things which should be important to you when you place the code on your site – how many clicks you get, and how much you get paid per click. To get the maximum for both, you need a good system which serves relevant adverts to the pages, and advertisers which are paying high amounts per click…and advertisers (yes, that's right – if you don't have advertisers, you won't be able to serve relevant adverts). So Adbrite unfortunately doesn't have the number of advertisers that adsense has – but take a look at them, as the more research you do, the better chance you'll make maximum money from your online ventures.
The Yahoo Publishing Network is hyped up to be the future opposition to the adsense program. They have launched a beta version of their contextual advertising system and have allowed a select number of publishers to start using it. So finally google adsense will get some competition, but it will only be at the end of the year that they'll start opening up their contextual advertising program to the general webmaster.
So in the meantime, google adsense which has been going since 2003, is by far the best option.


Choices for websites?

There are a number of internet marketers around the world who have set up sites primarily to earn revenue from adsense, and some of them are apparently doing fantastically. If you have a


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