You are not a Hacker if you get a Trojan and Delete your Friends hard drive, You are not a Hacker if you Fool around with MSN tools IP scans and shit like that , But still, you are exploring your knowledge. Programming around playing with tutorials, source codes, exploits, various editors and other tools which guide you through your first steps in the world of Hacking. Hacking is not a certain thing its an Art.

Hacking is a way of doing things, Not on a computer but in general, to explore, to research, to create or destroy so that you learn, a way you might decide to follow like a White Hat or might not, until then welcome to Hackology Internet Security Portal



.::Hackology::. Internet Security Portal a.k.a Int Sec

Let me Introduce you to Hackology as years have passed by

I started of this project when i was 14. It was a self hosted site which started off from my own computer server, Using Vqserver later on I moved to Windows 2000 server edition and the only internet supply I had was a Dial-Up Internet Connection (yes back those days DSL wasnt available) so the site was slow and not online all the times.Then people use to complain about site not being online and what not, for that i bought a "Dedicated Telephone line" (yup thats like buying a VPS connection of this time ).
I always liked the terminology "Hackology" which meant "The Study of Hacking" which makes it a White-Hat show and My nick was always Dr-Hack(dont remember how this came up)since the only social place to hand out on internet was mIRC.My first site was online using windows 2000 and a free domain from No-Ip (using their dynamic ip updater service because on Dial-up the IP use to change even on DSL buying a static IP was expensive from TCL back in those days) which was then slowly and gradually things caught some pace and i had to move on a dedicated hosting and a domain, was my choice.


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After moving my site to a hosting which was a very hard task had to literally manually copy the complete database. Things were pretty well in the initial days but after less then a year things got down, hosting closed my Site for no valid reason (FBI ceased my site data for penetrating in their systems ). I spent half an year to get the site database from them and all that time my domain showed an under construction logo.Because these resellers have nothing in their control its always a bad option to go with them but Unique Links did have good QS and fairly cheap prices back then.After that i again got the Site up on my Own Machine using 2 Broadband Connections to serve the requests. 

Then Came Fadi to the rescue and he was in his learning days back then, getting the know-how of networking and servers. Its was good luck that a new guy got into this field and just at that time i wanted a reasonable host,Because of my career I couldnt stay home and look out for the Servers, He thought it will be a great thing to actually host an already running site.So we started doing the work in shifting things to his system. It was a great thing because we had the freedom of doing anything we want. Although it was very very expensive the equipment the maintenance and the running cost with no income, as this was and is a Hobby - Earning from it was never the main goal.

Later Fadi also ended his Graduation and got busy in job etc , there i felt the need to again move this site onto a hosting company.I knew from my past experience that its always HELL to go on this direction BUT eventually again ported all my data to a new Hosting. Because moving Site is NEVER Easy but glad it got done.

Still I face issues off and on as everyone else but due to a friend in the company i get some privilaged service ;)

In such places the biggest help and the greatest happiness is achieved when people are joining us and sharing experiences and of-course asking for help regarding there basic and advanced computer and security issues...

When we say Hackology we dont mean hacking other people accounts, we mean to study it. Teaching people how to protect them self by giving them practical examples about how to do everything

Hope to see you Joining our noble cause


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Who Am I 

I think i should make it simple .

I am Dr-Hack .


I came to this planet on Jan 1987.

I have never done any courses for Computers.I started working on Devices since 2000.
I started off with an interest in how data flows on Internet which eventually made clear that internet security and hacking is the thing i like. Slowly my hacking skills advanced and thought why not to put it for a good use by helping others and then thought of my online presence which took lots of time and effort but eventually came to life. Later things got busy as i got into a job which use to keep me at strange places.

i dont take Hacking is only for Black-Hats ... Internet Security is part of the Study of Hacking.
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